Establishing People in Christian Faith, Godly Character, & Life Skills
Establishing People in Christian Faith, Godly Character, & Life Skills

This is Stephanie and a picture of her upon her completion of Women Ablaze. Her goal was only to stay 6 months. She was a drug and alcohol user and came to us from incarceration. She was very diligent and when 6 months came she knew herself well enough and decided to stay.  She graduated from our program 1 year later.

Stephanie really had a made-up mind to change and she had a strong faith, that coupled with the help of the program, she was able to turn herself around.  That was definitely a contributing factor to her success. By the time she graduated she had saved over $3000 and was moving home with her mother in Minnesota. We are so proud of her success, giving glory to God, and we have been in touch often since her graduation. She is still on the right track and is very thankful for the time she spent with us. We love you, Stepahnie!


Stacey has been with us since March 2016.  She could have left the program after 6 months, per the courts, but she decided to stay.  She has grown in her Christian faith, remained sober, and has completed a year of intensive outpatient classes. Stacey is currently working fulltime and her goal is to have her own home and reunite with her children.


Gail is doing great! She has been with us since March of 2015 and is volunteering at HopeWorks.  She has overcome many obstacles through her faith in Jesus Christ.  God is directing her to help other women come out of bondage of drugs, alcohol, and street life.  She is becoming an integral part of the ministry.



Sherryl graduated July 2015 and is doing well.  She is currently living with her daughter and has plans to have her own home.


Pamela graduated in 2015.  She moved home to live with family and is working.  She continues to keep us posted about her progress and we are so happy to say she is doing very well.  Recently she called to tell us that she has her own apartment and a car.  Pamela is walking closely with Jesus and gives Him all the glory for her success!

Ashley graduated in 2013.  She is now working and enjoying raising her 3 children.  Ashley continues to stay in contact with us and she is still working at the same job 4 years later but has been promoted several times.  She recently purchased her own   home. 


Michelle and Lynette graduated from HopeWorks, our partner, in 2012. 


Britney was with us for a year and graduated.  She left with a good job, car, and moved into her own apartment.  She is still doing well and has started a family.


Terri was the first resident to move into the 2nd home which is a "step up" house where she lived without supervision. Terri is currently working and living in her own home with her son.




 In 2010 Lakesha, Devon, & Terri graduated from the HopeWorks program, a partnering agency.  This 13 week career develpment program included internships at various companies or offices.  One of the ladies was hired by the agency where she did her internship.  Two of the ladies have their GED's and all of them are working.


Gloria was our first resident in 2001 and she is now our Senior Resident and helps to manage the home.  She came from Shelby County Corrections and her story is amazing.  Gloria suffered from a $2000 a day crack addiction and was set free in 2001 and has never looked back.  She is trustworthy and a vital part of our ministry.


We are proud of you!

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Goals for 2023

  • Expand the transitional housing for women coming from incarceration
  • Funding for sustainability of expansion and Staff
  • Continue Serving through In-prison Bible Studies, Recovery Skills, & Seminars
  • Recruit women & men to be mentors in our Good Samaritan Mentor Program 
  • Recruit Volunteers for Storybook Program and teaching/facilitating classes at Ministry Home


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